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Doing Relationships Right

Apr 13, 2021

How is YOUR relationship with FOOD?


Do you count calories endlessly? Are you constantly cutting out carbs or doing those “elimination diets” hoping to lose extra pounds? Do you know how much water you’re drinking each day or even how often you poop? How about your workout schedule? Do you even work out at...

Apr 9, 2021

Now, just like snowflakes, every divorce is different. The same can be said for families! Every family is unique and so is each situation when it comes to BLENDING THEM! Sometimes it works as smoothly as the Brady Bunch and other times- it’s a fucking disaster, but what’s most important is that you know the FACTS...

Apr 6, 2021

It has been such a stressful year; the Covid-19 virus has caused overwhelming anxiety and uncertainty not only for adults but kids, too.


I think it’s fair to say that we are all hoping the vaccine brings some level of “normalcy” to our lives and makes parenting a bit easier, as well. It hasn’t been easy saying...

Mar 30, 2021

Getting a mortgage whether it’s a new home or refinancing to save money can be super stressful!!!


In fact, it was one of the MOST stressful parts of my divorce; especially going through the process alone. I had NO clue what I was doing, after all, I was a SAHM for over 12 years, I wish I had someone like Rebecca...

Mar 26, 2021

Ahhh....well, it's another JUST JEN episode, and if you're dating after divorce then you are sure to bump into a MOM with kiddos! In fact, there's a huge chance you are a single mom--right? 


So, this one's for us! Oh, ya! Me too. :) 


It's a whole different ballgame dating a woman that has children, I should know,...