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Doing Divorce Right (or Avoiding it Altogether).

Jul 3, 2018

In this episode, Jennifer, Jen Schwartz, and Brooke Christian discuss:

  • Motherhood Understood
  • Mental Health and Medication
  • Survival of Marriage
  • Having Kids with Mental Illness


Key Takeaways:

  • It's okay to have a bad day
  • Brands are creating the wrong image of what motherhood is
  • If someone hasn't gone through exactly what you have then they don't understand
  • It's important to do everything possible for your child


"We think that taking medication and taking care of yourself makes you the strongest mom or woman out there." — Jen Schwartz


About Jen Schwartz and Brooke Christian:  Brooke Christian and Jen Schwartz are the founders of MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD, a social media platform that unmasks the scarier, less popular sides of motherhood so other moms feel less alone as they navigate motherhood. Authenticity, connection, empathy and empowerment are at the core of what they do as they encourage moms to leave the pretend play in their children's playrooms. Brooke used to be super cool and work at top magazines in NYC and is also the founder of Flirty Girl, a sex empowerment platform for moms. Sex toys are her jam when she's not in mommy mode. Jen used to be a do-gooder and teach middle school English and also runs a crazy popular blog, The Medicated Mommy. She's basically a PPD preacher. Combined, Brooke & Jen GET IT and are committed to taking mom taboos public and giving moms a safe space to be more honest about their lives so they can feel as kicka$$ as possible in all parts of their mothering. Combined, their writing and commentary have been featured all over the mommy blogosphere and at top websites such as Glamour, Bustle, PopSugar Moms, Scary Mommy, CafeMom, HuffPost Parents, Hello Giggles, Motherlucker, Greatist, The Mighty and more.



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Show notes by Podcastologist: Jessie Taylor


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