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Doing Relationships Right

Sep 14, 2021

This one wasn't easy, not going to lie.

Ever asked your kid a bunch of questions you didn't really want the answers to?

Ya, well, try that on a podcast with over 150K people listening. Ha. 

But boy did he surprise me. 

Zac was incredibly mature; self-aware and empathetic, he spoke with such conviction. I had a difficult time composing myself at times during the interview.

Zac amazed brave.

So smart.

This is an important discussion that no parent should miss--even if you're not divorced. Kids say the darndest things when you ask them to be honest. When you give them the space to be authentic and when they feel secure.  

I've never been more proud of my kid. 

Please share this episode with anyone you know going through, thinking about, or on the other side of a divorce. It's an important and necessary conversation to hear.

xo j

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Show notes:

[3:42] Remembering how his parents told him about the divorce and how he felt about it

[7:25] What Jennifer thinks she did wrong

[9:22] The nesting experience

[12:22] Check out this great parenting tool: Soberlink (

[13:26] What Zac thinks about his parent's friendship

[16:15] Would Zac choose for his parents to stay married and unhappy, or divorced but happy

[21:26] What does Zac think about parents staying together until the kids go to college

[24:45] Outro