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Doing Relationships Right

Nov 1, 2022

Today, we've got the incredible Dr. Joli Hamilton!

She is the relationship coach for couples who color outside the lines. She is an AASECT-certified sex educator and depth psychologist whose research focuses on creative relationship structures.

Joli has a Ph.D. in Jungian and archetypal psychology and has combined decades of lived experience with three psychology degrees a sexuality certificate, and making jealousy her primary academic research topic. Polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, creative monogamy- Joli flips the script on "normal" and can help guide you into the life you were meant to have!

"We've lost the art of casual dating." ~ Joli Hamilton

Today's conversation highlights why non-monogamous relationships are considered taboo and why they can be successful for many. We also get honest about how jealousy can affect open relationships and why there is so much negativity around non-monogamy. 

Thank you, Joli, for joining me and sharing your wisdom. I appreciate you; this discussion was enlightening, insightful, and informative. 

Peace, love, and truth,
xo j

xo j

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Time Codes:

[00:46] Our guest today, Joli Hamilton

[01:20] What Joli does for couples.

[02:00] Why do we think we can have only one partner?

[03:30] Jealousy

[05:19] The taboo of non-monogamy.

[07:45] Non-monogamy is only a problem if we don't have the right skills.

[09:44] Stop obsessing about other people's past.

[11:44] Everyone has had other partners.

[14:40] Does jealousy come from hiding things?

[15:30] How we can learn to LOVE our budget.

[18:07] Jealousy is not proof someone loves me.

[20:00] What's your history with jealousy?

[21:59] Open up the communication.

[23:00] Why does monogamy make us feel special?

[27:35] What we learn from past relationships?

[29:30] You have enough love for multiple people.

[34:40] The 5 Pillars for relationships.

[39:00] How do you help people?