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Doing Relationships Right

Sep 13, 2022

I'm so pumped for this episode! 

I've got Dating & Relationship Coach Brian Dunn here to share his POV on the Vital Skills Every Man Should Know For A Successful Relationship...and in LIFE! Let's go, guys-- this one is for YOU! 


Like me, Brian uses his experiences and (and knowledge) about love, relationships, (online) dating, communication, and personal growth to help his clients find love again. He's here to equip you with the tools and understanding necessary for successful dating and relationships.


"If you can't admit when you made a mistake, that's insecurity." ~Brian Dunn 


Today's episode is fantastic for both women and men, but especially significant for men to understand that vulnerability is acceptable in their relationships and life! Thank you, Brian, for joining me today and sharing your excellent perspective on all things MEN and relationships! I appreciate YOU. 


Peace, love, and truth,


xo j


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Show notes:

[00:27] Struggling with dating? Check out Weaver Dating! (

[01:54] What Brian C does.

[02:50] Women want more than a male provider.

[05:10] Why therapy matters.

[07:25] How to discuss your dating history.

[08:23] Being a divorced dad of teenagers and dating.

[10:13] 10 skills every man should know.

[12:50] Why you need to take accountability.

[13:50] Why men don’t express their feelings well.

[21:07] What Brian is working on!

[25:18] Where to find Brian online, and what’s coming up for him!