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Doing Relationships Right

May 14, 2019

Christina Lynn decided to specialize in divorce financial planning because of her own personal experience while unraveling a complex divorce. Her journey led her down the path to become a personal finance expert. She is a retirement planner, Certified Estate Planner®, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Today, the mistakes she made in the past inform and have been translated into solutions for her clients.

Today we’re chatting about:

  • Why it’s important to get set up for financial success after divorce
  • Why you should not neglect your personal finances while raising your children.
  • How to put yourself in a good position financially


Connect with Christina:



Twitter: @LynnFinancial


Get a copy of Jen’s book, “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: A Divorce Coach’s Guide to Staying Married” here.