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Doing Relationships Right

Oct 5, 2021

Want to find out how to save money on the cost of college? 

You are in the right place! 

Whether you are married, separated, or divorced, my guest, Vicki Vollweiler, Founder of College Financial Prep, will share her tips and insights on making saving money on college easier! Vicki will guide us through the maze of College Scholarships, Financial Aid, and how to plan strategically to reduce college costs at a time when financial aid is a massive issue among parents. 

Thank you, Vicki!! 

Vicki Vollweiler is a divorced mom of two who received her MBA from Syracuse University on a full scholarship plus stipend. She helps parents of high school and college-age students save money on the cost of college no matter if the parents are married, single, separated, divorced, remarried, or widowed.

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Show notes:

[2:46] How Vicki started her business and how parents should prepare for kids going to college

[4:30] FAFSA, CSS, and what she recommends parents should do

[7:49] On student loan debt

[9:26] Advance financial planning for college

[13:39] Do all schools give financial aid?

[14:33] Check out this excellent parenting tool: Soberlink (

[15:44] Early Decision and Early Action

[19:37] College advisors

[23:41] How Vicki does her work