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Doing Relationships Right

Jan 12, 2021

And we are back! 

Well, let's do a little explaining. 

The podcast was Doing Divorce Right and now...for 2021, it's Doing RELATIONSHIPS Right! Yasss! Times are a-changing so Jennifer thought she would "pivot" as well. Change is good, right? 

So, welcome, welcome to the very first episode of Doing Relationships Right with our guest, Jessica Frew from Husband in Law Podcast! Jessica's story is the perfect one to start this podcast off with a BANG! 

Jessica Frew is a mom, wife, ex-wife, stepmom, and BOLD Action taker. She has a successful podcast called “Husband in Law” that she records with her husband and her ex-husband.

Together they share their stories of love, marriage, coming out, divorce, remarriage, and co-parenting to help others know they are not alone. Jessica is a firm believer that by knowing and understanding what it is you really want in life you can BOLDly create a life you love, no matter what your circumstance. 

Live BOLDly, be BOLD, love BOLDly...Jessica Frew and Jennifer have one hell of a conversation today on Doing Relationships Right! 

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Facebook group: Bold Action Takers 
Podcast: Husband In Law

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