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Doing Relationships Right

Jan 4, 2022

Welcome back to the Doing Relationships Right podcast! 


This is the first episode for 2022 and our first guest is Writer, Speaker, and Author, Rachel Sobel. She’s here today to talk about all things relationships. From her own experience and journey as a mom and, in her own words, a do-over wife. This is going to be a juicy discussion about all things relationships!


Rachel Sobel — the heart and mind behind WHINE ANDTM and WHINE ANDTM CHEEZ(ITS) — is a Florida native (via Long Island like the rest of em). Living the NEW normal: Marriage, Baby, Divorce, Remarriage, another baby.


In between navigating massive loads of laundry, cooking 32 different meals for picky eaters, doing ponytails over until they are perfect with “NO BUMPS, MOM!” and double fisting iced coffee, she finds time to write all of it down.


Sometimes there’s sarcasm, sometimes there’s cursing but she always keeps it real. No filters or censorship, just a gal momming so hard and documenting it.


After working many years in public relations and communications, she decided she had enough after one particularly bad experience that made her question what the eff she was doing? She stopped with the “what ifs” and hatched a plan to leave the confines of a cubicle and live her dream as a full-time writer. (In her dream she was thinner, richer, and had much more clothing without spatterings of spit-up and breast milk, but beggars can’t be choosers.)


She’s pretty Type A but admits that you are more likely to find baby wipes and a half-eaten bag of Cheez-its in her purse than cash.


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Show notes:

[2:22] Who is Rachel Sobel?

[3:42] Why she vlogs from her closet

[7:43] Rachel’s background

[15:31] Every divorce is different

[18:14] Check out this excellent parenting tool: Soberlink (

[20:50] Flexible co-parenting

[25:32] Bringing in a baby 

[28:56] Choose to be kind

[35:10] Where to find Rachel?