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Doing Relationships Right

Join Jennifer Hurvitz on the Doing Relationships Right Podcast as she takes you on a journey through the rollercoaster of love, providing valuable insights and practical advice along the way. With an emphasis on self-improvement and personal growth, this podcast is your guide to navigating breakups, building resilience, and finding the right partner for a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

Mar 17, 2020

Eli Weinstein, LMSW is a Social Work therapist who has worked in a psych hospital, intense outpatient clinic and currently work in a community clinic in queens. He used to work in NY and West Coast NCSY (Youth Organization) for over 7 years. He created ELIvation to fill a need to help those in struggling and add extra inspiration and motivation into everyday life. Eli has gone through my own struggles with anxiety, ADHD and men’s issues (being a new dad, body image issues, relationships, and general self-esteem/confidence). His main goal is to help people on their journey to add support, care, empathy, expertise, and insight. Eli runs events, seminars and individual coaching on topics from mental health awareness, public speaking coaching, relationship coaching and confidence boosting.


Today we’re chatting about: 


  • Why Eli is providing support to men who are struggling, since men have less resources.
  • Why men need support as new dads.
  • How to help teenage boys with mental health issues.
  • Ending up on the Kelly Clarkson show.



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Get a copy of Jen’s book, “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: A Divorce Coach’s Guide to Staying Married” here