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Doing Relationships Right

Nov 5, 2019

Dorice Horenstein is a master teacher turned author and speaker!

Dorice Horenstein was born and raised in Israel and moved to Portland after completing her service as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). She worked in Jewish education for more than 30 years, transferring her love to Jewish traditions and the Hebrew language.
Today, the world is her classroom.

Her book Moments of the Heart, the four relationships everyone should experience to live wholeheartedly is infused with Jewish knowledge, spirituality and the Hebrew language.
Her book is praised by Rabbi Telushkin as powerful and beautiful. He says “What I have read is passionate, very spiritual, and well-reasoned, three things that don’t always go together.


Today we’re chatting about:  

  • Forming a better relationship with yourself
  • How you become the best version of you.
  • The experience of writing a book
  • How to live wholeheartedly in your life


Connect with Dorice: 


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