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Doing Relationships Right

Mar 15, 2022

Wishing you could live your life and love again, even though your partner died?


Does this sound familiar--


People keep telling you how "strong you are."

You feel stuck in your grief and don't want to stay there- feel like it's never going to end? 

You want to believe a better future is feasible, but it's unimaginable without your person? 


My guest, Krista St-Germain, knows grief all too well.


When Krista St-Germain lost her husband to a drunk driver, she was shattered. All of her dreams had included him; she desperately wanted to believe she could still have a happy, fulfilling life but wasn't sure how.


Then, she began to research grief, trauma and healing extensively. Krista studied cognitive behavioral coaching and read every book she could find. She combined what she learned about Post Traumatic Growth with cognitive science-based coaching tools and figured out how to turn her loss into a strategy for growth.


I barely made it through our conversation, trying to be as empathetic as possible but not capable of fully understanding the pain Krista endured. We spoke about HOW to talk about death, why we have such difficulty expressing ourselves on the topic, and how to overcome our fears. 


This episode is not only for grieving the loss of a loved one but for ALL of us to learn how to cope and be more understanding when people we care about might be grieving. What an essential conversation around a topic that I know I have a tough time talking about- and so many others. 


Thank you, Krista, for sharing your story and creating a safe space for me to ask the "strange and uncomfortable" questions surrounding death and grief that I've always felt so awkward asking. You are a brave (and yes, strong!) woman. 


xo j


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Show notes:

[2:12] Krista’s story

[8:04] The myths about grief

[17:53] Check out this excellent parenting tool: Soberlink (

[18:57] Grief and dating

[20:53] The Widowed Mom Podcast

[26:40] Defense mechanism from grief

[29:26] Krista’s How to Navigate Grief free course

[31:05] Moms Goes On coaching program

[31:27] What’s the best thing to say to people who have just lost a loved one?

[33:40] Difference between grief after losing someone suddenly vs. being able to say goodbye