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Doing Relationships Right

Jan 18, 2022

The grieving process after ending a marriage is long, difficult, and confusing. It makes you ask: What now? Where do I go from here?


For this episode, I’ve invited the author Laura Friedman Williams to talk about how she got back into the sex and dating scene after ending her marriage of 22 years. We also talk about her book, Available: a Memoir of Sex and Dating After a Marriage Ends, which is a memoir of her journey from being a happily married stay-at-home mother with three children, discovering her then husband’s affair, reinventing herself, having her first one-night stand, to taking ownership of her new-found sexual appetite.


Laura Friedman Williams is a native New Yorker whose writing credits consist of countless PTA newsletters and program notes for talent shows and school auctions, as well as ghostwritten bar mitzvah speeches for many of her friends. Her wit and wisdom have not yet made it to a larger audience, but her years spent raising children and running events at her children’s schools have kept her writing steady and sharp. She credits her degree in English from Washington University and the ten formative years she spent in book publishing – first in Subsidiary Rights at Warner Books (now Grand Central Publishing) and then at Henry Holt & Company, then as a book scout and finally as a literary agent – for giving her a deep love and respect for the written word. She credits the break-up of her marriage for finally giving her the subject matter about which she both needed and wanted to write. She lives in downtown Manhattan with her three children.


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Show notes:

[3:00] How did it start for Laura?

[6:16] Guilt for the kids after her divorce

[7:18] Life outside and after divorce

[12:11] What her first night out as a single woman looked like

[20:26] Check out this excellent parenting tool: Soberlink (

[21:31] Dating for the first time after divorce

[24:06] Deciding the marriage was over

[30:35] It's not black and white

[32:06] Her Chapter 2

[41:07] Where to find Laura and her book

[43:22] Outro