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Doing Relationships Right

Sep 27, 2022

This episode brings the MALE point of view to the show, so get ready to take notes- we've got some testosterone in the house! 

Today, we've got the fantastic Amit Sodha-- dating coach, podcast host, and speaker! 

Like me, Amit loves helping people find success in relationships. He's also a national radio presenter and has The Feel Inspired Podcast, where he aims to make his listeners, well...feel inspired! (You can find my episode on his show here).

"There's very little ego in a healthy relationship." ~Amit Sodha

Today's conversation brings us the often sought-out male perspective on what women do that turns men OFF! We dive into behaviors you may not have considered making a BIG difference in your relationship! This one is worth replaying!

Thank you, Amit, for joining me and sharing the male POV on all things dating, relationships and love. 

Peace, love, and truth,

xo j


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Show notes:

[02:01] What Amit does.

[02:55] Amit's reel about what turns men off.

[03:15] He's going to do a female version.

[03:58] The Rules

[04:00] How to train your man for success.

[05:00] Prompting and appreciation in relationships

[08:33] The most common fight is about what to eat. 

[13:00] Amit is a clean freak.

[16:25] It's the little things that make a relationship strong.

[17:50] There's very little ego in a healthy relationship.

[18:15] Too busy to date?

[24:53] Amit's masterclass and consultation.