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Doing Relationships Right

Dec 3, 2019

Years ago, when Kim stepped out of her comfort zone and decided to build a health and wellness business, she found herself frustrated as doubt and comparison took over her inner voice. Her self-worth spiraled down, and her frustrations grew both as a mom and as an entrepreneur. But in true Kim fashion, she recognized she had to take back control and then DID something about it.

She dove into the world of personal development, hired a coach, and never looked back! She learned the tools to overcome the doubt, move her business forward, and regain control of her inner voice. Kim confidently moved back into her life and once again found her MOMesteem, her WIFEesteem, and her BOLD in the business world!

She is now a successful and passionate coach helping others do the same. Kim’s lifelong career in health and wellness, coaching certification, Master’s Degree in Health Education, and her own personal experiences uniquely qualify and position her to help others find their BOLD and truly realize a level of success, happiness, and peace of mind we all desire!


Today we’re chatting about: 

  • How to have an impact on others.
  • Understanding that adults don’t know it all.
  • How to be your boldest YOU.
  • Get specific about what is great about YOU!


Connect with Kim: 


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