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Doing Relationships Right

Join Jennifer Hurvitz on the Doing Relationships Right Podcast as she takes you on a journey through the rollercoaster of love, providing valuable insights and practical advice along the way. With an emphasis on self-improvement and personal growth, this podcast is your guide to navigating breakups, building resilience, and finding the right partner for a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

Sep 27, 2022

This episode brings the MALE point of view to the show, so get ready to take notes- we've got some testosterone in the house! 

Today, we've got the fantastic Amit Sodha-- dating coach, podcast host, and speaker! 

Like me, Amit loves helping people find success in relationships. He's also a national radio presenter and...

Sep 20, 2022

Are you ready to talk about our mistakes when trying to lose weight and get our lifestyles on track?

I've got Tanja Shaw...YES! 

A sought-after life and weight loss coach, founder of Fit + Vibrant You Coaching Programs, owner of Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle, a holistic health coaching studio in Chilliwack, BC., and host...

Sep 13, 2022

I'm so pumped for this episode! 

I've got Dating & Relationship Coach Brian Dunn here to share his POV on the Vital Skills Every Man Should Know For A Successful Relationship...and in LIFE! Let's go, guys-- this one is for YOU! 


Like me, Brian uses his experiences and (and knowledge) about love, relationships,...

Sep 9, 2022

We're back, and we've got some stuff to unpack and get straightened out for a new season.

Listen now to Doing Relationships Right Just Jen as we unpack this and much, much more. 

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