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Doing Relationships Right

May 18, 2021

Y'all know I am not pro-divorce; I am pro-healthy relationship. 

If that means, if divorce is inevitable to achieve what's going to be a healthy situation for ALL parties involved then it's the "right thing" to do. 

What is NOT good for the kids is a high-conflict, contentious situation. Ever. 

Today, my guest, Kimberley Ewertz is here to talk about her new book, Family Redefined: Childhood Reflections on the Impact of Divorce. I have to say I barely made it through this was gut-wrenching to hear but a necessary conversation to have. Thank you, Kimberly, for joining me today. 

In her over thirty years of experience in the field of journalism Ewertz has written for numerous publications. The recipient of two Missouri College Media Association Awards, early on in her career, spurred her desire for feature writing which she still pursues today.

Kimberly has spent over three decades working as a reporter and journalist crafting profiles of people and events. Her experience as a journalist has allowed her to craft a book that showcases the true-life stories of adult children of divorce, giving them a voice to convey all they experienced and providing helpful information to divorced parents and their children.

Oftentimes, divorced parents face countless difficulties with their children. Kimberly’s book addresses a vast number of these including; abandonment issues, parental alienation, the challenges faced with transitioning from one household to another on a regular basis, when to introduce a new partner to the family, and many more. All these subjects are worth discussing.

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Show notes:

[2:35] Kimberly talk about her book

[4:05] How did the book come to be?

[8:40] Being honest with your kids is crucial

[9:27] Allow children to share their emotions

[10:37] The impact of divorce on kids continue with age

[14:20] Check out this great parenting tool: Soberlink (

[15:21] "Your children will do as well as you do regarding the divorce."

[19:00] Is there a rainbow after the rain? 

[25:26] When a relationship has no connection anymore

[27:40] Final nugget of wisdom