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Doing Relationships Right

Oct 18, 2022

Today, we've got the incredible Samantha Gambino. She is the founder of Strong + Mindful LLC, a woman-led consulting agency dedicated to building mental wellness in the face of stress and challenges. Samantha is a licensed psychologist and wellness expert with over 20 years of experience. 

Like me, Samantha has made a career by helping people; supporting them with their mental and physical health. We dive into the importance of setting boundaries, being empathetic, and communicating effectively.

"Setting boundaries is a form of self-care." ~Samantha Gambino

Today's conversation highlights that setting boundaries is a form of self-care, so skip the massage today and tune into this episode! (Not that a massage isn't a fantastic way to feel great!) Ha! 

Thank you, Dr. Samantha, for joining me and sharing your insight. 

I adore you; this conversation has so much outstanding advice.

Peace, love, and truth,

xo j

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