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Doing Relationships Right

Sep 28, 2021

Are you a Britney Spears fan? 

Should Britney be able to get a prenup just like everyone else? 


Wow. Britney Spears  #freebritney fans have so many questions, and it's been over a decade of heartache for this superstar. Watching her 13-year battle for her personal life as she fought a conservatorship that gave her father complete control over her life and money has been deplorable. 

In today's episode, I have TV Legal Analyst & Celebrity Attorney Christopher C. Melcher here to dig deep into ALL of Britney's trials and tribulations. With his Twitter Feed and YouTube Channel, #theLaw, Christopher makes understanding "all things Britney" easier for those of us that might not fully grasp the complex concepts of the judicial system. Christopher is an expert at taking the complicated legal issues, breaking them down, and unpacking them for the general we can follow it all. 

Business owners, celebrities, and trust beneficiaries across California turn to Christopher Melcher for assistance protecting their most valuable assets in high-stakes divorces. With deep experience in complex family law litigation and premarital agreements, he provides tactical representation in the most challenging family law disputes.

Christopher understands the need to keep sensitive family matters private, having represented noteworthy clients in California's most significant divorce cases. Clients include A-list celebrities, executives, and tech company founders. He is frequently hired by other family lawyers as a consultant, expert, or co-counsel on significant divorce cases in California.

His passion is helping others, and he loves the law. His father was a trial lawyer, and he learned not only how to be a lawyer from him but what it means to be a lawyer.

Find Christopher C. Melcher here: 







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Show notes:

[1:43] Who is Christopher Melcher?

[3:20] How he got into the #FreeBritney movement, and what is it?

[11:58] How did THIS happen to Britney Spears?

[16:57] Britney’s 13-year struggle

[22:19] Check out this excellent parenting tool: Soberlink (

[23:21] What can Britney do about it, and why did she wait so long to come forward?

[26:23] Public access to case proceedings

[30:10] Christopher’s YouTube channel

[35:22] Where was her mom in all this?

[39:46] What might happen on September 29th?