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Doing Relationships Right

Nov 19, 2021

I’m excited about today’s episode because this is a controversial topic, but one that’s very important to discuss- false labels and diagnoses. 

Yup- you guessed it! 😉

It's a JUST JEN FRIDAY today on Doing Relationships Right podcast! 💕🎙🎧🖤

And by the end of this 10-minute micro-episode, you'll be ready to go! Relationship advice, dating tips…And so much more! 

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Show notes:

[1:45] Labeling someone as a narcissist — stop it!

[3:41] Very few are clinically diagnosed with this personality disorder

[5:45] Build a healthy, romantic relationship with your partner and keep your bond strong. Check out for all your sexual wellness needs!

[7:07] NEVER ever throw someone’s disorder back at them when you’re fighting

[8:22] Gaslighting is the worst, but it doesn’t mean they are a narcissist