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Doing Relationships Right

Oct 22, 2021

Can you tell if your man is into you? 

What are the signs? Do you know what to look out for, or do you trust your gut? Because we all know lots of men have a difficult time using those WORDS! So, it may be more tricky to know how they are truly feeling! 

No worries- I got ya! 

This Just Jen episode will lay it all out bullshit-free, y'all! Let me know if you agree by hopping on over to my private FB group and joining in on the conversations we have each week post-podcast! 

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xo Jen

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Show notes:

[1:25] The backstory

[2:06] He will be open and honest about his feelings

[2:27] He will show up and be consistent as possible in your life

[2:42] He will be open to learning and growing as a couple

[2:53] He won’t leave no matter how hard you try to push him away

[5:48] Anxious avoidant attachment

[7:45] It’s important to share feelings

[8:32] Dig deep and reflect