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Doing Relationships Right

Oct 15, 2021

Are you "happy" in your relationship? 

What does a "happy marriage" even look like? 

It's always been so interesting how we define a "happy couple" when it comes to marriage or a relationship. Is what we see from the outside really what's going on at home? Does it look as perfect as they portray it on social media? 

Today I delve into the things that make a REALLY happy couple- happy! And I think you'll be surprised to know...they do fight! They argue and have bad days. But it's HOW they resolve conflict that sets them apart from the "not-so-happy" relationships. 

So, listen to today's Just Jen episode of Doing Relationships Right and see if you agree with my assessment of Happy Couples' Things. 


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Show notes:

[2:24] They argue

[4:40] They focus on each other’s strengths, not weaknesses

[3:27] They choose each other

[6:48] They are not afraid to learn to fix their relationship