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Doing Relationships Right

May 10, 2022

I am thrilled to have Saskia Nelson, the founder of Hey Saturday, on the pod today! 


Saskia has been credited by Time magazine, the BBC, and world-renowned photographer, Martin Parr for creating this genre of dating photography. As the world's first online dating photographer. Saskia is recognized as the leading industry expert in the UK, Europe & US on all things online dating photo-related. Rather than a formal, portrait-style photoshoot, our dating photoshoots are more like an adventure with a good friend.


"Hey, Saturday helps you create powerful dating profiles by enabling you to visually share the story of who you are. The more stories you can tell with your online dating pictures, the more you'll be able to show people what it's like to be in a relationship with you." 


What's Saskia's Story? 


She spent many years online dating (until meeting her bf of many years on Guardian Soulmates). She spotted a gap in the market for a niche online dating photography business specializing in creating dating profile photos for online daters.


"For anyone doing online dating, creating a great set of visuals for your profile once you've spent a bit of time figuring out what you're into, how you'd like to come across, etc., can be a great resource to have at the ready. It's also a fun experience that often boosts confidence and gets people in the right frame of mind to have positive dating experiences." ~ Saskia Nelson


Saskia is the founder of Hey Saturday, the world's first specialist dating photography agency. They help clients create a set of dating profile pictures that help them visually tell people who they are and what they're made of.


Thank you, girl, for joining me on Doing Relationships Right Podcast and sharing your online dating profile tips and tricks! 


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Show notes:

[1:45] What is Hey Saturday?

[2:46] How did Saskia start Hey Saturday?

[5:50] How Hey Saturday helps your dating profile

[10:29] Saskia’s tips on making your profile picture better

[15:38] Check out this excellent parenting tool: Soberlink (

[16:40] On taking the perfect shot

[19:04] Be happier before going on dating apps

[20:15] Start with a full-face shot or a full-body shot?

[24:13] Saskia’s thoughts on kids in dating profile pictures

[25:19] How often should you update your picture?

[30:33] Where to find Saskia