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Doing Relationships Right

Aug 4, 2022

WE LIVED IT, SO WE GET IT! Yes, yes, and YES!!

You have to go through a divorce to understand it completely! 

And today, I have the incredible ladies from exEXPERTS, T.H. Irwin, and Jessica Klingbaum! And just like me, Jessica and T.H. have been through divorce and lived to tell about it- the good, the horrible...and the WTF is going on! I wrote books about my experiences, and they BUILT A WEBSITE AND ONLINE MECCA! Find everything you need about the legal process, your kids, money, dating advice, and more! They have it all, and it's FREE.

Please, if you're going through, thinking about, or are recently divorced- go check out exEXPERTS for everything you'll need to SURVIVE AND THRIVE throughout the process.

Thank you, ladies, for joining me on Doing Relationships Right and talking about All Things Divorce- I think we covered everything! 


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