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Doing Relationships Right

Apr 12, 2022

HERE WE's YOUR turn! 


You asked, and WE answered-- all your questions about our relationship. The good, the not-so-good, and the WTH is going on! We are brave, but most importantly, we are honest and want others to learn from our stories. 

It's just how I roll, showing up authentically and sharing our "shit" so y'all can see even relationship experts have tough times, too. 

Today, tune in to the Doing Relationships Right podcast when Jim Healey (thank you, boo) and I answer your questions truthfully. 

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bc I have nothing better to do. LOL!! 

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[3:54] How do you shut out “the noise” of Jeniffer’s job? And does her social media presence affect your relationship?

[7:15] What ways have you changed since you decided to get back together?

[9:05] What’s one thing about your relationship that A. Works well and B. Needs fixing?

[11:53] Would you ever consider being in an open or polyamorous relationship? Why or why not?

[15:03] Check out this excellent parenting tool: Soberlink (

[16:38] What’s something you haven’t done in your relationship that you like to experience together?

[21:16] What is your favorite thing about each other?

[26:38] Coaching spots available