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Doing Relationships Right

Sep 6, 2022

Jeff Guenther, LPC, earned his master's degree in marriage and family therapy from the University of Southern California and his bachelor's degree in child and family development from San Diego State University. His therapeutic career started at a crisis line, where he worked with people suffering from suicidal thoughts and severe anxiety. He’s lived in Portland, Oregon, since 2005, and my private practice focuses on both couples and individuals. These days, He spends his spare time making one-minute videos for TikTok and Instagram for his 2.1 million followers!

"You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person." ~ Therapy Jeff

As Jeff explains in today's episode, "If you think someone you’re dating thinks you’re insecure or needy, show them that side of you and give them the opportunity to walk away so you can find somebody who will actually meet those needs." 

I am overly excited (if you can’t tell) to have Jeff on my podcast today. I am a huge fan of his content and can’t believe we got to chat. This episode is worth sharing!

Peace, love, and truth,

xo j 


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Show notes:

[00:27] Struggling with dating? Check out Weaver Dating! (

[02:00] Do you know who Therapy Jeff is?

[03:42] Do you need chemistry when you meet someone?

[04:25]  Red, yellow and green flag chemistry.

[08:48] Your type might be based on childhood trauma.

[10:52] Sex on the first date, should it happen?

[13:03] You won’t say the wrong thing to the right person.

[15:39] Therapy Jeff helps people break up, without meaning to!

[18:31] Sometimes, you keep a relationship to feel chosen.

[22:18] The struggle with dating as “Therapy Jeff”

[26:30] Where to find Therapy Jeff online, and what’s coming up for him!