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Doing Relationships Right

Join Jennifer Hurvitz on the Doing Relationships Right Podcast as she takes you on a journey through the rollercoaster of love, providing valuable insights and practical advice along the way. With an emphasis on self-improvement and personal growth, this podcast is your guide to navigating breakups, building resilience, and finding the right partner for a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

Dec 19, 2023

Dating and not succeeding may seem frustrating. I'm here to talk to you about the common mistakes women make during the early stages of dating.

xoxo j 

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Dec 12, 2023

Happy Holidays!

But it may not seem as happy if you're spending it alone, maybe for the first time, or maybe for the 10th time. 

I'm here to talk to you about some ways to enjoy your holiday, even if it's not exactly like the ones you had before!

xoxo j 

Oh! And if you enjoyed this episode, please grab a copy of Midlife...

Dec 5, 2023

Jump back to 2021, right after the pandemic shut down the world, my oldest son went off to college, and shit started getting REAL. 


I started to take my partner for granted after being in "captivity" with him for so long during COVID-19; we were both frustrated, and I was annoyed. It's time for a wake-up call...