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Doing Relationships Right

Oct 19, 2021


Finding dating apps frustrating and confusing? 

Well, I'm thrilled to bring you this episode with the co-creators of The Meetery- Bayleigh Frickey and Stephanie Hilton! Two New Orleans women are changing the dating app world with The Meetery, the app designed to help busy adults fit dating in their fast-paced lives. 

I'm sure you're thinking ‘another one?!?’

But wait...there's more. What started out as an inside joke about how awful dating apps are led friends Bayleigh Frickey and Stephanie Hilton to design an app that aims to help users make real love connections by replacing awkward online chatting with a 15-minute face-to-face ‘first impression’ dates.

Meetery’s proprietary calendar allows users to schedule dates and meet their matches in person thus eliminating the need for meaningless banter through chatting, and even has an in-app timer to keep everyone on track. Built-in safety features include photo verification and meeting places that are restricted to public locations only.

During a morning coffee chat regarding Bayleigh’s latest dates and how frustrated she was with dating apps, Frickey and Hilton drew from those frustrations, realized other people were disappointed as well, and knew they could do it better thus The Meetery was born.

Thank you, ladies, for sharing this awesome app with us- and for talking about all things DATING, today on Doing Relationships Right! 

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Show notes:

[2:07] How did The Meetery come to be and who are its creators?

[6:15] Why should people use the app?

[8:22] The app’s demographics

[11:11] How long do people wait until they meet their date in person?

[12:30] Check out this great parenting tool: Soberlink (

[13:31] How is the app safety-wise?

[16:40] When will the app be launched?

[18:44] How difficult was it to build the app?