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Doing Relationships Right

Jul 24, 2018

On today’s episode, we’re chatting with Allana Pratt. She’s the host of Intimate Conversations LIVE, a weekly show about being intimate and authentic. Her journey supporting women began nine years ago when she got pregnant the week after her mom died, was divorced within a year, lost her house, and hit rock bottom. Through self-discovery, forgiveness, and modern feminine sensual practices, she developed a system for women to ignite pleasure and confidence from the boardroom to the bedroom.

During the conversation, Jennifer and Allana discuss:

  • There is always going to be someone richer or more successful than you are.
  • How to open ourselves in the face of pain
  • What’s required for true intimacy
  • When we’re willing to be vulnerable we’re able to change lives
  • The many different ways that we make peace in our lives


“Comparison equals suffering so we’ll just love ourselves and honor ourselves.”

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