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Doing Relationships Right

Mar 26, 2021

Ahhh....well, it's another JUST JEN episode, and if you're dating after divorce then you are sure to bump into a MOM with kiddos! In fact, there's a huge chance you are a single mom--right? 


So, this one's for us! Oh, ya! Me too. :) 


It's a whole different ballgame dating a woman that has children, I should know, that's why I decided to share it with you in today's episode! 


Highlights of today's show: 

  • Handle her with care
  • Have different priorities 
  • Tips on how to treat a single mom 
  • Why they demand a certain level of respect 


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Show notes:

[2:37] Handle her with extra care and respect

[3:23] Be flexible around HER schedule

[5:02] You are NEVER going to be the father of those kids

[5:35] Moms are SEXY too!

[5:55] She has a baby body

[7:02] Don’t be needy

[7:43] Moms don’t need EXTRA drama

[9:24] Here’s a lot of good stuff when dating single moms