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Doing Relationships Right

Feb 12, 2021

Nothing more fun than Valentine's Day, right? The flowers, candy, fancy dinners..all the romance!  Usually! But what about during a pandemic? 

Today's episode is filled with innovative ideas for a Covid-friendly (but still fun and sexy) Valentine's Day! And Jennifer's boyfriend, Jim Healey is joining in the fun! Check out the episode on YouTube, too to get a few extra smiles!  

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Show notes:

[2:53] Backyard bundle up

[4:00] Make a Valentine vision board

[5:42] Virtual tarot card reading

[6:50] Virtual art classes

[9:22] Heart in a jar

[10:02] Game night

[10:55] Nighttime spa date

[11:26] Romantic movie marathon

[12:35] Scavenger hunt

[13:09] Chocolate dip

[15:00] Recreate your first date

[16:11] Charcuterie board

[19:20] If you’re alone on Valentine’s day