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Doing Relationships Right

Nov 30, 2021

So you got divorced. And now what? Not sure where to start or what to do?

Well, this could be the opportunity to redesign your life. Figure out your new relationship dynamics, focus on your personal growth - everything for a fresh start!

I’ve called Rob Roseman to join me today to talk about life after divorce, what you should do next, and why you should head on to for comprehensive advice from experts about emotional and personal growth, cultivating new friendships, to sex and dating after divorce.

Rob Roseman is a notorious TV game show contestant, Chicago Merc futures trader, Vegas poker pro, Entrepreneur, and Dad. When he left his professional poker-playing profession, he didn't know what he was going to do with himself, so he decided to start a podcast.  He started interviewing his friends and neighbors about being a dad and got more prominent guests like Jessie Itzler and Pat Flynn. He then decided he was getting so much good advice and tips; he decided to take the quotes and nuggets and put them in a book to share with other dads.  He learned to self-publish, and now his book Dad The Best I can is on Amazon and is also the name of his podcast.



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Show notes:

[2:10] What is about?

[5:15] More about Rob Roseman

[10:36] Check out this excellent parenting tool: Soberlink (

[12:36] People should rely on experts

[15:04] You don’t know what you don’t know

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